Day 164 Zacchaeus Like 19: 1-10

Guided reflection:

The Zacchaeusstory is only told by Luke. What a great story of redemption.  Zacchaeus is a man hated by his neighbors because he has worked for the Romans and cheats them all in the process.  But he has one of those inquiring minds that wants to know… he wants to see Jesus!  But being ignored by those around him and being a short person, he climbs a tree to see Jesus.  Jesus stops right under the tree and calls him by name… and invites himself to a party.  Zacchaeus’ life is transformed – once the opportunist who used others for his own gain, now  used what he had to help others.  Isn’t that just like Jesus?   Have you ever been, or you know persons that are, a Zaccheaus today?  Where has Jesus turned your heart around?  Have you been transformed by Jesus?

Guided Prayer:

Loving God, where I am like Zacchaeus in my life?   What do you need to change my heart and my point of view?  Am I an opportunist?  Allow me to make the most of opportunities to serve you by loving others.  Amen”