Day 165 Jesus’ parable about investments Matt 25:14-30; Luke 19: 11-27

Guided Reflection:

This is the one story that points out that we are to cooperate and use our minds and networks for good… we are not victims.  It is up to us to take what God has given us and work with it, embellish those gifts, and just see what God and we can accomplish together!  I once prepared a sermon about a possible 4th servant… what if there was one who was given an amount, he invested it, worked with it and still lost it all.  Would he have been a hero or tossed out?  I believe it is not the bottom line Jesus is looking for, but for us to cooperate with Him in using our gifts and opportunities to do His will.

Guided Prayer:

“Lord, where am I hiding and wasting what you have given me?   Where can I invest myself and all that I have to make a difference in this world? Thank you for knowing my heart, even if it looks like I have failed.   Show me the way.  Amen”