Day 162 Momma’s boys! Matt 20:20-28; Mark 10:35-45; Luke 22: 24-27

Guided reflection:

Every mother wants what is best for her children, but the mother of James and John took this to a new level – she asked Jesus to command that they sit on the right and left side of him in Jesus’ kingdom.  Now, of course, she is thinking of an earthly kingdom where a king had his best men beside him… but Jesus’ kingdom was not of this earth.  She had no clue that she was really asking that they participate in his suffering.  He nailed her when he said the greatest would become the least and the least would become the greatest… in HIS book, the greats did not have special seats, but are on their knees, serving others.  I wonder, did she go away aggravated that Jesus did not grant her wish… did she go away sad, knowing that the story was going to include suffering?  This is why we offer our children to God at Baptism… His ways are not our ways!

Guided Prayer:

O Loving God, I want to be special too!  Help me to match my heart with your heart… help me know that I will be great when I lose my desire for it and begin to serve others as Christ would serve.  Amen”