Day 161 Prediction of the Death of Jesus Matt. 20:17-19; Mark 10:32-34; Luke 18: 31-34

Guided Reflection:

All three of the gospel writers include this short passage that shows that Jesus tried to tell the Disciples that they were going to Jerusalem with a particular assignment.  Jesus does not say “I am going to die”, but uses a phrase he often used to describe himself:  “The Son of Man” .  It is in hindsight that the gospels were written, but here is where he clearly tells them what is going to happen and the end result.  But they did not grasp what Jesus said.  I wonder, would I have understood what Jesus was talking about?  It would not have even entered my mind to accept what Jesus was saying.  I do so love it that the gospels show the real humanness of the disciples.

Guided prayer:

“Thank you, Lord Jesus, for going to the cross on my behalf… and for rising from the dead for me.  I know I am so much like those disciple – slow to learn, hard to teach.  But, Lord, keep showing me the way, even if the way gets rough sometimes.  Amen”