Day 159 The Rich Young Man Matt 19:16-30; Mark 10:17-31; Luke 18:-30

Guided reflection:

A driven, successful young man has the chance to speak to Jesus.  He wants to do everything right - but Jesus turns what he holds as truth, upside down!  The young man believes that if you watch your behavior and do all the right things, you will get into heaven… and be successful along the way!   But Jesus must have sensed a hint of a compulsive do-gooder in this young man and tells him to give away all that he has.  It says he went away sad… but we do not know whether he eventually figured out that his stuff was not as important as loving people, I hope he did.    Jesus explained to the Disciples that those who are rich in earthly things have a harder time facing their need of a savior – they think can handle it!  But, Jesus adds : “Nothing is impossible with God!”     Always a word of hope can be found!

Guided prayer:

“Loving God, are there things in my heart that I have placed too much importance?  I know you want me to be a responsible person, but do I think I can handle it all on my own?  Do I think that my stuff is a measuring stick for my worthiness?  Help me see past my stuff and find your heart. Amen”