Day 160 The Parable of the laborers in the vineyard Matthew 20: 1-16

Guided reflection:

This parable has always made me uncomfortable because I have focused on the unfairness of the owner’s pay scale!   The owner of the vineyard was never home, he was always out looking for more folks, so maybe the story is about the owner’s heart that wanted as many to work as they could…that way the work was done and all had what they needed.  You see, God does not give us what we deserve… God always gives us more and wants all included!  That is what grace is about – unmerited favor!  This is one of those “abundance vs. scarcity” parables – there is enough for everyone!

Guided Prayer:

“Thank you God, for finding a place for all of us to work and be of value.  Thank you for being more concerned about including us all than in what is fair or unfair..  Thank goodness you do not give me what I deserve!  Thank you for your love and grace to me.  Amen”