Day 146 A Parable of a Great Dinner party Luke 14:15-24 (Matt 22: 1-10)

Guided reflection:    

Since Jesus used parables to either teach us of God’s love or to show us ourselves, this parable does both.  Of course, our loving God is the host of the party and has taken great pains to prepare good things for us.  But, when we are invited, we allow other distractions to keep us from coming, paying attention, and responding to the lavishness of God’s love.  Trivial things keep our attention and we miss out on the wonderful opportunities God has for us!  But that does not deter God…God just goes after anyone who might be open to his invitation.   If Jesus were going to tell this parable in church on Sunday, what would he list as our trivial pursuits?  What is your excuse today?

Guided Prayer:

“O God, it is hard to comprehend that you want to lavish your love on me – but even more difficult to comprehend is that I can become so distracted that I miss out on so much!  I open my eyes, my ears, and my heart to you today.  Where are you throwing a party today that I should not miss?  Amen”