Day 125 Reconciliation Matt 18: 21-22; Luke 17: 4

Guided reflection:

Can’t you just hear the wheels turning in the heads of the disciples after day 124’s teaching?  Obviously if someone has hurt me and I point it out to them and they ask me to forgive.,. just how many times do I have to do this forgiveness stuff?  The goal is clean and healthy relationships, so just telling the other person they did me wrong is not the goal – forgiveness is!  But Lord, how many times – as many as 7?  Jesus says, not just 7, but 70 times 7.  That is 490 times if you can multiply!  Forgiveness is always to be given… but Lynette adds her two cents – if you are in that kind of unhealthy cycle that keeps things going 490 times, you might want to figure out what is going on…just saying…

Guided prayer:

“Forgiving and loving God, you forgive me even before I come to you with my repentance.  But when it comes to others, especially those who seem to keep offending and hurting me, that is another matter.  Help me to see that your desire is for me to be healed and not carry around hurt and pain… but my desire, sometimes, is to set them straight and get even!  Lord, could you help my heart become more like yours?  Amen”