Day 141 The Infirmed Woman Luke 13:10-17

Guided Reflection:

Luke, being a physician, always notes the hurting and disenfranchised people when the other gospel writers do not.   This woman had some kind of physical issue that caused her to not be able to stand up straight.  Jesus’ heart was filled with compassion so he touched her and made her whole.  BUT, it was the Sabbath, and Jesus dared to “work” (heal) on the Sabbath!   Jesus confronts the synagogue ruler with his foolishness:  “Who cares what day of the week it is!  Let’s just focus doing what is needed!”  Are there places in your life where you are making issues out of things that are not really issues?   What would Jesus say to you?

Guided Prayer:

“All wise and knowing God, I admit that sometimes I am a wise guy/gal and a “know it all”, when I really do not have a clue.  Help me remember to make what is the most important thing in YOUR book be the most important thing in MY book. And, give me courage to stand alongside others who are trying to do good.  Amen.”