Day 140 When destruction comes, it is God’s revenge? Luke 13:1-9

Guided reflection:

This must be a conversation about some local news – evidently some violence happened to innocent people and folks were wondering if those people were destroyed because they were really bad and God just used Pilate’s hand to punish them; or were they innocent victims?  Have you not heard people say that hurricanes or other disasters have been the hand of God punishing people?   Jesus is comforting their hearts and minds and saying that God was not behind it.  However, Jesus uses this bit of news to remind them that repenting and getting right with God is an important thing to add to your agenda!

Guided prayer:

“Like the fig tree, Dear God, please prod and prune me, so that the places where I am not fruitful can become alive and vital, producing much fruit for you.   Help my life mean something – help me not to waste it.  Today I pray for others who might be perishing at the hand of injustice.  Amen”