Day 122 Temptations Matt 18: 6-9; Mark 9: 42-48; Luke 17: 1-2

Guided reflection:

This passage is not about being tempted, but about being the one who is the source of someone else’s temptation… not the drug user, but the drug pusher!   Have you ever done anything that causes another to be tempted to do something that is wrong or hurtful?   In your own life, is it your eye or foot that causes you to sin!  Do something about it!  Stop being a tempter!  Make a list right now of ways you could actively be tempting another person…leaving yourcomputer open to young ones without safeguards… giving someone something that you know is not good for them…go on, make your list.  Jesus says here that it would be better to hang a weight around your neck and down yourself rather than hurt one little one.   What we do and say DOES affect others.

Guided Prayer:

“Heavenly Father, could I be doing something that is causing another person to be in harms way by tempting them?  Is there any part of me that keeps me on a merry-go-round of unhealthy patterns?   Change my heart, O God, and may I be more like you.  Amen.”