Day 121 An Exorcism Mark 9:38-41, Luke 9:49-50

Guided reflection:

The disciples found a man they did not know, who was speaking in the name of Jesus!  They thought they had a corner on that market!  After all, they followed Jesus and they were with him all the time, so this guy must be a fraud.  Jesus gives a great line: “don’t say no to him… if he is for us at least he is not against us!  God will honor him!”   Have you ever thought that someone is not “of Christ” because they worship differently, or use different phrases… yet call upon the name of God?  Are there people in your life that you are excluding who are advancing the gospel - just in a different way?  Could Jesus be calling His disciples to a more open mind?

Guided prayer:

            “O God, as United Methodists, we like to think we are of the church that has open minds, open hearts,

and open doors.   Loving God, are there people to whom I am not open, my heart is closed and I would like to slam a door in their face?  Forgive me and help me to see that if they are FOR you, then they are not against us.  Amen.”