Day 134 Light Luke 11:33-36

Guided reflection:

We touched lightly on this on day 29, but Luke has more to say on the subject.  When we have insight, have the light of Christ in us, we cannot help but allow it to shine through us.  As a matter of fact, our eyes give us away.  In our eyes we reflect anger, fear, hope, sorrow, grief, sadness… and aliveness, light!   Jesus is saying that when you have the light of Christ within you – it will come out your eyes and your whole being will reflect that light.  Go look in a mirror?  What does your eyes reflect?  Light?  Darkness?  Anger?   Love?  Gentleness?  Do you have your “Father’s” eyes?

Guided prayer:

“Look into my heart and into my eyes, dear Lord.  Do you see Jesus in me?  The places where you love and light have been snuffed out by the darkness of this world, heal me, rekindle your love within me.  This little light of mine, I want to let it shine!  Hide it under a bushel?  NO!  I want it to shine!  Amen”