Day 133 Jesus responds to a shout from the crowd Luke 11:27-28

Guided reflection:

Luke includes some extra stories that the other gospels miss – some are just little happenings, like this one.   A woman in the crowd has been in awe of Jesus and as a mother realizes that his mom must really be proud!  (Maybe she was having trouble with a couple her kids and was envious of a mother who could raise such a wonderful man!)  But Jesus does not allow her to become caught up in hero worship but immediately brings her to what he is talking about – “It is more blessed to hear the Word of God and do it, than to bless my mother!”   I wonder what her reaction was to that!

Guided prayer:

“Holy God, we do stand in awe of the blessed mother of Jesus, Mary, and the awesome responsibility to be the mother of Jesus… but rather than stand in awe, help us to remember that you give us your word so that we can be changed into your image… not just the image of our parents.  Remind me again, I am your child.  You love me.  And that is enough!  Amen!”