Day 131 Mary and Martha Luke: 10: 38-42

Guided reflection:

This story meets people in different ways, depending on your personality.  I am the Martha type, and it seems to me that Jesus should have appreciated Martha at least getting food ready for lunch… but she may have gone overboard and was trying to serve 3 different choices of entrees for Jesus. Anyway, she was perturbed with Mary just sitting on her duff… and Jesus chides Martha about being so busy.  Then Jesus brags on Mary for stopping and sitting at his feet.  For the Mary types, it is a great affirmation… but for us Martha’s it is a reminder that we do not have to be so busy all the time.  It is not up to us to save the world – there is need of one savior and that one is Jesus!  So, we Martha’s need to learn from the Mary’s and just let the hustle and bustle go for a bit and just sit at Jesus feet.  To which personality do you most relate? 

Guided Prayer:

            Gentle Jesus, come to my heart today and help me to slow down and just “Be” with you. 

As I consider my “to do” list for today, which items do you want me to do… which have been added out of guilt or some need… help me learn to listen to you.  Right now, I stop what I am doing, and will spend time in silence.  Meet me here… now, I pray.  Amen(take 3 minutes and just be still)