Day 130 The Good Samaritan Luke 10:29-37

Guided reflection:

This is one of the most memorable  parables in the Gospel of Luke. It answers the question: Who is my neighbor?   Jesus shares that it is not about geography, nor about “the right people”… our neighbor is one who is in need – someone with whom we come in contact.  We are not to be spectators or disinterested – but when we see someone hurting and in pain, we are to be the hands and feet of Jesus and get involved!  We are not responsible for the whole world, but we are responsible for our response to those in our sphere of influence.  Who is your neighbor today?  Who needs you to be a neighbor?

Guided prayer:

“Lord, I want to be known as a Good Samaritan… and sometimes I come through.  But other times there seems to be so many in need, how can I do my part?  When is enough, enough? Help me remember, that even you took time to get away from the needs of people to gain strength and be renewed.  Help me remember I am not the Savior… but I am one who desires to reflect the face of God. Keep me sensitive to others.  I offer to you my resources – use me as you will.   Let’s just see what you and I can do together today, OK, Lord? Amen”