Day 89 The meaning of the parable of the sower Matt 13:18-23; Mark 4:13-20; Luke 8:11-15

Guided reflection:

On Day 86 we read the parable of the sower.  Now Jesus explains the meaning.  Go back to day 86 and look over the list of soils you discovered… and then read today’s words.  Write what each soil represents:

1) The path – someone hears but does not understands so just lets it wither and die;

2) The rocky place – receives the word of God with joy, but has no roots, so dies;

3) Thorns – grow up with the new plant, but the thorns end up choking out the life of the little  

 plant, so it dies;

 4) Good soil is rich and filled with what is needed for a plant to take root and flourish.

The point, the seed will do its thing IF the soil is ready to create the environment for it to flourish.  Now, Jesus wants us to get the point that WE are the soil… it is up to us to allow the seeds of truth to grow in our lives.   So, where are the rocks and thorns in your spiritual life?  What do you need to remove or cultivate so you can be open to what the Word of God wants to say to you today?

Guided prayer:

“Open my mouth and let me bear gladly the worth truth everywhere.  Open my heart and let me prepare love for your children thus to share.  Silently now, I wait for you, ready, my God, your will to see.  Open my heart, illumine me, Spirit Divine.  Amen”