Day 88 The special gift for the disciples Matt 13: 16-17; Luke 10:23-24

Guided reflection:

Yes, those lucky disciples.  It is true that those twelve had the chance to walk with Jesus, to hear his words and to understand their meaning – Jesus was right there and they were open.   We have the perspective from the other side of the cross… and the written word.  We do not hear the emphasis Jesus placed on certain words; nor do we know the tone Jesus used.  BUT, we do have the spirit of the living God within us to open our spiritual eyes to the truth.  These three verses show us a special bonding with His disciples.

Guided Prayer:   

“Oh, to have Jesus say to me “Dear one, you are blessed because you see and you hear and you get it!”   Sometimes I am slow to even WANT to see and hear.  Open my ears, that I may hear voices of truth you send that are clear; and while the wave notes fall on my ear, let everything else disappear!  Open my ears and illumine me, Spirit Divine!  Amen”