Day 79 The Grateful Woman Luke 7:36-50

Guided reflections:      

I love this story!  A “street woman” had been set free by Jesus.  She was so filled with gratitude she did not worry about protocol… she just wanted to show Jesus how much she loved him.  He was not embarrassed – he understood her heart… and he understood the jaws that were dropped at her actions!  Yet he takes her gift and makes it into a holy offering.  Then tells the parable about two who owed debts and the lender forgave the debt.  One owed lots, the other just a small amount.  Jesus asked: “which one would be the most grateful?”  The obvious answer – the one who was forgiven the most.  And he forgave the woman… and started another big discussion about how he could forgive someone’s sins… and the beat goes on. Let’s forget about Simon and his guests, let’s concentrate on the woman.  Now, for what are you most grateful?  How has God blessed you?  Have your sins been forgiven?  How do you respond to Christ’s love?

Guided prayer:

 “Forgiving God, let me be like the woman… my heart filled to overflowing with gratitude.  Right now, I make a list of my blessings (go ahead, make a list!)….I do not have an alabaster box, but what do I have that you would want me to offer to you as my gratitude offering?  Show me, I am open!  Amen”