Day 78 The Widow’s Son Luke 7: 11-17

Guided reflection:   

WOW!  What a thrill to be a part of this scene!  A widow has lost her only son, all alone, and she is sobbing as they carry his body in a funeral procession.  But the funeral procession is stopped in its tracks when Jesus shows up!  He heals the boy and raises him from the dead and gives him back to his mom.  What a mother’s day gift!  Oh, to have walked with Jesus on earth… Oh, yes, I forgot, I do walk this Jesus on this earth!

Guided prayer:

“Thank you for the stories of Jesus and his wondrous miracles.  All these years later, I still rejoice for this dear widow who had lost it all… until Jesus came.  Today I pray for the mothers who have lost their children.  Jesus, be their comfort.  Amen. “