DAY 55 The Centurion’s Servant Matt 8:5-13; Luke 7: 1-10

Guided reflection: 

This story shows us the power of Jesus’ words – the centurion understood that Jesus did not have to be physically   beside his servant to heal him, he just needed Jesus to say the word!  The Luke passage shows more of the love of the centurion for this servant.  The lesson to those standing around was – Oh, have such great faith!  Today, let us pray for those whom we love that need Jesus’ touch:


Guider prayer:  “Healing God, just like the centurion, there for those that I love who need your

healing touch.  (Name your loved ones; name what you desire God to do for them; and remind yourself how much you love them.)  Thank you for allowing me to love these dear people.  Amen”