DAY 56 What it means to be a Disciple Matt 8:18-22; Luke 9: 57-60

Guided reflection:  

Do you know what you are getting yourself into when you say that you will

follow Jesus?  This scribe glibly states he will follow Jesus anywhere.  Jesus must have seen stars in the man’s eyes because he retorts – “even animals have a place to sleep, but I will not promise you that!”  Discipleship involves commitment!    We are living in a country where being a Christian is accepted…others have paid the price for our “soft” Christianity.   However, saying “yes” to Jesus might be saying “no” to habits, friends who place us in compromising situations.   Has there ever been a “cost” to your discipleship?

Guided Prayer:   “Thank you, God, for the many who have gone before me… so that now my cost as a disciple is minimal compared with past generations.  But, Lord, help me to be honest about the places you would have me choose you instead.  Right now, I pray for those who are in harms way because of their faith.  Be their comfort and guide.  Amen”