DAY 53 End of Sermon on the Mount Matt 7:28-29

Guided reflection:  

We began looking at this compilation of Jesus’ teaching on day 27… if you take time to look over your notes from Day 27 – day 53… that is 26 days of focus on Jesus’ teaching, you will have a good foundation on Jesus’ insights.  Now, the rest of the gospels we will watch as Jesus begins to focus on leadership development of his disciples.  We will see his daily comings and goings, and we will learn his parables and stories, but day 27 – 53 have contained enough of Jesus’ words to change our lives forever... that is, if we DO His words and not just hear only!   What have you learned about Jesus… and what have you learned about yourself from this “Sermon on the Mount”? 

Guided Prayer:  “Holy God, allow the words of my mouth and the actions of my life, reflect the

philosophy and teaching of Jesus.  Work in me to make Christ visible to others around me.  Amen.”