DAY 52 Hearers and Doers of the word Matt 7:24-27; Luke 6:47-49

Guided reflection: 

Have you ever been to the coast? Ever see house built right on the edge and if a storm comes it is going to blow apart… yet it is the high rent district?  Seems foolish, doesn’t it? Jesus wants us to know that we have a solid foundation if we listen to Jesus words and then build our lives on that solid foundation, when the storms of life try to toss us back and forth, we will remain solid – because we have a solid foundation.  But, if our spiritual condition is build for show, with no depth, it will crumble when the going gets tough!   Have you checked your foundation lately?


Guided prayer:  “O God, the source of my strength, show me where my foundation is faulty.  Show me where I am prone to defeat in the future because I am not thinking the way your word would have me think.  Keep working in me so that I can stand the storms of life and end up being better instead of bitter.  Amen”