Day 45 Jesus on judging Matthew 7: 1-5, Luke 6: 37-38, 41-42

Guided reflection:

Many people think this is Jesus showing his sense of humor.   How ridiculous to try to find a hair lash in someone else’s eye when we have a big stick in our own eye!  Judging is the same thing!   None of us is perfect, so who are we to judge?   Judging places us in the seat of deciding who is of value and who is not by what they do.  God says we are of value, period!  It has nothing to do with our actions!  We all stand in the need of God’s grace.   Who are the people in your life that make you think “Yuck, thank goodness I am not like that person!”   Give God your “yuck” list!


Guided prayer:

“I just naturally judge people, O God.  I can get on my high horse and see where everyone else is lacking – and they are!  But help me to see that I am lacking as well; and that your love includes the likes of me.., therefore that other person has your heart as well!  Forgive me!  Amen!”