DAY 46: Jesus on Profanity Matthew 7:6

Guided reflection:   THE MESSAGE  states this verse: “Do not be flipwith the sacred.  Banter and silliness give no honor to God.  Don’t reduce holy mysteries to slogans. In trying to be relevant, you are only being cute and inviting sacrilege.”  

hummmm.  Some things are too special to be flippant.  I immediately ask myself, is there any place where I am trying to be “cute or cool” and end up being disrespectful?  Do we use God’s name in vain… what is sacred and holy in your life?  My mother would ask me – would Jesus be proud of what you are saying if he physically walked in on your conversations?

Guided Prayer:  “Holy and wondrous God, forgive us for being flip and cool with things that deserve more respect.  Guide our words and our thoughts so that all we do and say would bring honor to your name.  Amen.”