Day 41: Jesus on material things Matthew 6: 19-21; Luke 12: 33-34

Guided reflection:

Think of vs 21… your heart and mind are usually focused on where your treasures are placed.   Right now, what are you working for – retirement?  New house? New car?  To impress someone?  If we place our attention on these things, how long will the new house/car be new?   What if the person you are trying to impress needs more?  What if you do not live to retirement?   These things are fleeting. Jesus is not saying these cannot be a part of your life, but asks us to invest in the “real future”.   How are you “investing” in your life after death?  Of what that you care about will still be a part of your “other life” when this life is over?   The only thing that will last for eternity is relationship with Christ, what you have done for the cause of Christ, your loved ones, God’s word.  What would it mean to invest in these?    Make a list of what counts in your life!

Guided prayer:

“Loving God, I am side tracked by the stuff of this world.  My heart does get so attached to things.  Forgive me and help me find ways to invest in what really counts in life.  Amen”