Day 238 Jesus comforts his Disciples John 16: 4b – 15

Guided reflection:

Sadness has filled the hearts of the disciples as they take in all that Jesus is saying.  They have been with him when he walked on water, when he fed 5000, when he turned water into wine, and now it is going to be over?   What is that about the Holy Spirit that will keep on with the teaching of us?  Can you feel the sorrow and panic in their hearts?  But we know the whole story… we sit on this side of the cross and empty tomb… and yet, do we still long to know the truth… to have the Holy Spirit reveal new things to us?  Are you still open? What new is the Spirit teaching you?

Guided prayer:

            “Spirit of the Living God, fall afresh on me.  Fill me, Mold me, shape me, use me. Amen”