Day 239 `Victory over the world John 16: 16-38

Guided reflection:

“In a little while, you will not see me anymore.”   John is the Gospel writer that has the feeling and passion around Jesus’ relationship with his disciples.   “What do you mean, a little while?”  Jesus goes on to say that they will weep and cry… but hold on, weeping only lasts for a little while…. Joy is coming on Sunday morning!  Be brave, for I have over come the world.  Sometimes when I read the news or listen to the TV, I wonder, where are you God?   Surely you must be weeping too!

Guided prayer:

‘Help me hold onto these promises that you are greater than this world.  Help me to know that you are my strength.  When I am in a time of sorrow and weeping, help me remember this is not all there is!  You have the last word, and it is one of hope and love and grace!  Amen!”