Day 216 Mark’s addition to the story Mark 16: 9-20

Guided reflection:

The writer of Mark’s Gospel gives credibility to Mary Magdalene and her encounter with Jesus.  Because of this story, we know that Jesus first told a woman to go and tell!    We read that Jesus showed up at other times before being taken up to heaven.   The Great Commission is expanded to say that the disciples would cast out demons, speak in languages they never learned, and would not be hurt by serpents!   This Gospel wants the reader to know that we have been given power – we are not powerless orphans left behind… we are empowered by the spirit to make things happen!

Guided prayer:

“Jesus told us to GO and make disciples.  I want to be the best disciple of Jesus that I can be. Forgive my unbelief and my lack of understanding. Fill me with your power so I can be the person you have dreamed me to be.  Thank you for your Word that has been preserved over the years so that I could know the stories of Jesus.  Amen”