Day 217 The Word made flesh John 1: 1-18

Guided reflection:

Have you ever had anyone say to you, “I give you my word?”   Well, God has said that to us!  In Genesis, we read that the WORD spoke creation into existence… and now John wants is to know that the creation story takes another step in that the WORD became flesh to dwell with us.  Immanuel – God with us… the LIGHT with us.  You will see, as we go through John, he adds some theology, not just an account of Jesus’ actions. 

Guided prayer:

“Thank you, God, for giving us your Word in sending Jesus.  We have your “word on it” and believe that Jesus is the light, the insight, the key to our understanding.  Open our hearts and minds to this light.  Open our ears to hear your Word.  Amen”