Luke 1: 57 – 80 Birth of John and Baptism and his father’s prophecy

Luke gives us the specifics of the interactions of Zechariah and Elizabeth around the birth of a son in their old age.  Remember, Zechariah has not been able to speak!   (Day two reading!)

Guided reflections:

  1. Don’t you think vs 57 is really talking about a baby shower!  There is no scandal in John’s birth.
  2. Why was the baby named “John”? 
  3. Vs 76 reminds us again as to John’s life purpose – what is it?
  4. Look at vs 80 – goodness – how did he grow up?  I wonder what happened to his parents?
  5. Have you ever spent time in the wilderness, growing up? 

Guided prayer:

“O God, You have a purpose for my life.  I have sometimes felt like I was growing up in the wilderness (you and God recall together)…  Have I found out my purpose yet?  Will it include wilderness times as well as “preparing the way” times?  Be with me, Lord Jesus.  Amen”