Luke 2: 1-7 and also Matthew 1: 18-25. The Birth of Jesus

Luke is still more expansive then Matthew in the birth story.  

Guided reflections:

1.  Can you believe that it took paying taxes to get Mary and Joseph in the right place at the 

right time to have Jesus’ birth match the prophecies around the coming Messiah?    Now you understand the important of Day one’s genealogy!  All the pieces were coming together!

2. Make a mental note of all the circumstances that were “ordinary” in this extraordinary story.

3. Now, look at your own “to do” list for today – what ordinary things are listed…could God use your list?

Guided prayer:

“God of wonder, we wonder why you used such circumstances to orchestrate the birth of the Holy child.  I know that this was a cosmic happening, but am I missing your activity in my ordinary life?  Take my ordinary life and make my extraordinary.  Could You be in something so mundane as paying taxes? Hum… Amen!”