Day 14 Matt 3: 7-10, Luke 3: 7-14 John’s Preaching

Just take time to read the Luke portion.  Luke adds a description of not only his style and content of his preaching, but adds some specific instructions to special interest groups. 

Guided reflection:

  1. It does not appear that John has attended any “How to win friends and influence people” seminars!  What would you think if you heard this man?
  2. Looking at vs 10-14 – what were the specific lifestyle changes each group was required to do to show their repentance? 
  3. In the 12 step recovery for alcoholics (AA), one of the steps is to name where your actions have wounded another and then go and make amends.  Try it!  Make your list and follow through plan! 

Guided prayer:

“Thank you, God, for blunt people who do not hesitate to speak the truth.  But just as important, help me to hear the places where I need to repent and make a life style change.  Amen”