Matthew 2: 1- 15 Visit of the Wise Men, escape to Egypt

Now we go back to Matthew – Luke is silent about the Wise Men.  

Guided reflections:

1.  Put yourself in Herod’s place.   Feel threatened?   Feel “out of the loop”? 

2.  To protect the child, look at vs 12… they paid attention.

3.  What kind of people have such curious minds that they follow a star?  

      Do you still have “wonder” inside your heart?

4.   Joseph followed “his gut” and got out of there.  Sit in his shoes a bit….

Guided prayer:

“ Even in the middle of miracles and wonder, evil still lurks with the desire to destroy.  Please guide my life so that I can be aware of people who might not have my best interest at heart.  Forgive me for the times that my own pride and ego have caused others pain.  Amen”