Week of July 28th

Studies are showing our youth to be a special and unique generation.  And we see signs of that in the youth of Lewis Center Church.  They are passionate about their faith, committed in their service, and hopeful for their future.  God loves the youth and our task is to love them, encourage them, and pray for them.  Here are some passages about youth in the Bible who played significant roles.


PRAYER:  O God, no one is too young or too old to answer your call to follow you.  I pray for our youth.  The challenges are complex and never ending.  Send your Spirit upon them to guide them as they become our leaders in the future.  Amen.

MONDAY- Jeremiah 1:1-10

God knew Jeremiah before he was even born.  Talk about an early start.  Though Jeremiah felt that he was too young to serve as a prophet and spokesperson for God, God instructed him otherwise.  God’s response was not to make him old, but what?  God made two promises:  (See vss 7&9 as well as verse 8).  How does God fulfill these promises in you today, no matter what age you are?

TUESDAY-  1 Samuel 17:20-52

Long passage, but fascinating story.Young David is sent to check up on his brothers, and no doubt, to bring food and supplies.He happens to show up just as the army is confronted with the giant, Goliath.King Saul claims David cannot fight Goliath.Why?(vs 33)How does David respond?(vs 37)David cannot wear the King’s armor.It does not fit him.Instead, he takes advantage of his skills and his strengths.How does God use this young person in the history of Israel?How does God use you, no matter what age you are?

Wednesday – Luke 1:26-38

Mary was young, likely a young teenager.  For an angel to appear to her and inform her that she was about get pregnant, and that her son would be the Messiah; that would be difficult to believe.  Yet, she laid aside all of her dreams and all of her plans; so she could serve God faithfully.  Compare her response (vs 38) with Zechariah’s (vs 18) or Moses (Exodus 3:11) or Isaiah (Isaiah 6:5) or Gideon (Judges 6:15)?  How is God calling you today, no matter what age you are?

Thursday – Mark 10:42-45

Was young Mark – sometimes called John Mark – an eyewitness to Jesus’ ministry.  My old Greek Prof thought John Mark was the young man referred to in Mark 14:51-52.  Barnabas recruited young John Mark on that first missionary journey with Paul.  Later Barnabas took John Mark on other missionary journeys.  And today, we believe the Gospel According to Mark was written by or inspired by young John Mark.  From a young eye witness to early leader of the faith.  How is God calling you today, no matter what age you are?

Friday – 1 Timothy 4:11-16

Timothy was one of Paul’s young lieutenants.  He would accompany Paul on his missionary journeys.  Sometimes Paul would leave him in a town to continue the work as Paul moved on.  Sometimes Paul would send Timothy to deliver a message or to investigate a problem when Paul himself could not go.  But Timothy was young.  What did Paul advise?  How is God calling you today, no matter what age you are?

Saturday – Luke 2:41-52

Someone pointed me to this story recently. Even at the age of 12 Jesus was aware of God’s calling on his life. What did he tell his parents? We don’t know everything. In fact, we know next to nothing between his birth and his 12th year. Jesus was answering the call, yet he still obeyed his parents (vs 51). One is never too young or too old to answer God’s call. How is God calling you today, no matter what age you are?