Week of May 5th

“What’s in Your Hands?”

May 5-11, 2019


Some of the most amazing things God has done in this world was with some ordinary everyday object someone was holding in their hands.  Rather than longing for some tool or object that is dynamic and miraculous, God just asks us to use whatever we already have in our hands.  In partnership with God, amazing things then happen – like the little boy’s lunch that feeds thousands.  What do you need from God?  Could it be that all God wants is what is in your hands?

Prayer:  Gracious and Generous God, you have already placed within my hands all that I need to be faithful and true to your call.  By faith, help me put it back in your hands that your Holy Spirit may accomplish the mission in Jesus’ name  Amen.

MONDAY- 1 Samuel 17

David was not supposed to be there.  That was a place of battle, a place for strong and courageous men, a place for heroes to die.  David was just a boy.  What did he know about fighting giants?  Declining the offer of the latest in armor fashion ware, he simply used what was in his hands – his sling.   His sling and one small, smooth stone was all God needed to slay the giant.  Are you facing any giants?  What do you have in your hands?

TUESDAY-  Exodus 4:1-5

God was calling Moses to step up to the plate and lead his people to freedom.Moses didn’t want to go.He didn’t think he was up for the job.He came up with all kinds of excuses.God asked, “What’s in your hand?”“A staff.”A typical tool for a shepherd.But in God’s hands that simple tool becomes the symbol of God’s power and promise to overthrow the most powerful Kingdom on the face of the planet at that time:Egypt.What overwhelming obstacle do you face?What is in your hands?How can God what you already have to accomplish God’s mission?

Wednesday – John 21:1-14

Do you like fish tacos?  I don’t know if the disciples ate fish tacos, but I’m fairly confident they ate a lot of fish.  Several of the disciples were fishermen.  After Jesus’ crucifixion and resurrection, the disciples are tempted to go back to a previous life.  It was what they knew.  But Jesus had called them to follow him.  So they fish all night and don’t catch anything.  Jesus incognito tells them to throw their nets over the other side, and they had more than they could handle.  What did they have in their hands?  Nets, a common tool for fishermen.  But using it as God directs leads to abundance and generosity.  What is in your hands?  How can God use it to bless you and others? 

Thursday – Judges 6:1-19;33-40

Gideon was not top rung leadership material, but then God rarely calls the superstar.  God usually calls the fearful one, the timid one, the one everyone else overlooks.  God chose Gideon to lead his people to safety.  While Gideon is certain God has gotten the wrong guy, Gideon decides to test God’s instructions.  He uses a sheep’s fleece – wool cut from the sheep.  This is a typical object for a shepherd.  But just in case he interpreted it wrong, he tried it twice.  God honored his quest and confirmed the call.  Are you uncertain about your next steps?  What is in your hands?  How can God use it to confirm God’s direction for you?

Friday – 2 Kings 4:1-7

One of the prophet’s widows was in dire straits.  Apparently, there were no 401k’s for prophets in those days.  Elisha asks what she did have – one jar of oil.  Common sense would dictate using it sparingly to make it last as long as possible, but Elisha tells her to pour it out.  They borrow all the containers they can find from the neighbors.  And the only limitation on the amount of oil she poured out was her capacity to receive.  Could it be that God wants to pour more blessings into our lives, but we lack the capacity?  What is in your hands? 

Saturday – Nehemiah 1

Nehemiah was a cup bearer to the King.His job was to test the wine and food to make sure it wasn’t poisoned; not a job with a lot of security and longevity.But he did have access to one important thing:the King’s ear.So when he shared his passion and his vision for his home city; the King was captivated.What is in your hands?What opportunities has God already planted in your path?How might God use those to accomplish God’s mission?