Week of May 20

Sermon Series:  Family Matters

We'll be exploring "What matters to families?" and "Why God wants to be a part of your family?"


Father, please shine your infinite light upon us and guide us.  We are made up of many individuals who make a joyful noise unto you.  We thank you for the gifts you have given and the gifts they share.  May other see your beauty in our every note and feel your presence near.  We thank you for all you have done, and we pray that you will guide us in all you want to be do through us now.  Amen!

Monday –Psalm 150:1-6,  Praise Him

Why should we specifically praise God?  There are many reasons to praise God.  They psalm mentions only two:  1 We are to praise God for his acts of power, which refers primarily to his acts of deliverance, though perhaps also to his power in creation and 2).  His surpassing greatness, which refers to who God is.  And how?  With everything we are and have.  God is worthy of the best we can offer in our worship, regardless of our abilities and limitations. 

Tuesday –Psalm 96:1-6,  New Song

What’s wrong with old songs?  Nothing.  This psalm was meant to offer fresh outpouring of praise to God.  Since God’s mercies are new every morning, we always have something new to sing about.  We especially need to avoid growing stale and predictable in our worship. 

Wednesday –2 Chronicles 5:11-14

Have you ever experiences the Holy Spirt in such a way that worship stopped?  Or… have you experienced the Holy Spirit in such a way that worship couldn’t stop because people were so filled?  The Holy Spirit is often a mystery yet inviting and allowing the Holy Spirit the chance to move is the first step of allowing God to do something wonderful. 

Thursday –Colossians 3:15-17

Do you ever find it difficult to be thankful when distracted?  How can you do it?  Realistically, we need to remove distractions and allow God to move us to do new deeds or share new words to others.   Isn’t this an awesome responsibility?  How will you start today?

Friday – James 5:13-20  

While sings praises, why would we ask for oil?  Oil was used for medicinal purposes in the New Testament times.  But, when administered by church elders in the name of the Lord, some believe it takes on spiritual dimensions.  Anointing with oil symbolizes the pouring out of the Holy Spirit. 

Saturday – Ephesians 5:19-20

Can we honestly give thanks for everything?  Seriously?  Giving thanks is an act of worship.  Despite difficult circumstances, we can give thanks, knowing that God’s love and concern are unfailing.  That’s amazing Grace!  That’s amazing Love!  Praise God!