Day 157 Marriage and Divorce Matt 19: 1-2, Mark 10: 1-12

Guided reflection:

As a women who wrestled with divorce and dysfunction, I read a book about this scripture with the question in my heart: is there grace for persons who leave to become more whole?  The author said that it was never God’s plan for marriage to end in divorce… but neither was it God’s plan for us to live in dysfunctional situations… that is why Moses made the concept of Divorce… to offer grace when life falls short of God’s dream.    Sometimes our reality falls short of God’s dream, but never short of God’s grace.  But, obviously, ending a marriage is not something to do lightly.

Guided Prayer:

“Dear God, help me to do all within my power to live as whole and loving as possible with my spouse.  If there are places of deep pain, will you come and make us whole?  Help me to know that your love and your grace is bigger than I am.  Amen”