Day 148 The Unjust Steward Luke 16: 1-13

Guided reflection:

To be honest, this is one of those parables that seem to go against what I believe!  It seems that Jesus is making the hero of the story out of a wasteful steward because he used his position to rewrite the boss’s ledger and make for himself some nice friends!    But as I read vs 10, I see that Jesus is saying that this would be smart in this world’s standards, but Jesus wants servants who are faithful in little things so they do not have to make up schemes to cover their tails!  If you are faithful in little, then God can trust you with much.  You can’t look out for your own interests AND look out for God’s interests at the same time – choose one.  Right now, which master are you serving?

Guided Prayer:

“Well, Lord, I want to be faithful in little things so you can trust me with the bigger things in life, but I also want to cover my tail!   Help me stop worrying about that and help me focus on just being faithful to live each day as you would have me live it.  Are there any places you want me to be more faithful?   Amen”