Day 106 What Defiles a person Matt 15: 1-20; Mark 7: 1-23

Guided reflection:

Here we go again.  The Pharisees are appalled at how Jesus’ disciples did not follow the rules of the day.   They, themselves, were so careful to go through all the rituals… but Jesus stops the Pharisees in their tracks by saying that all their rituals have nothing to do with what defiles a person!  Jesus says it is what is in our hearts and what goes in and through our minds that messes up our lives.  Think of your current (or last) mess – how did the way you thought about things affect your action or reaction?   Is it not true that the way you THINK about things gets you into trouble?  Just stopping what you are doing will not help until you change the way you think about things!  So, where do you need to change the way you think about things?  Where are you defiling your own life by your thinking?

Guided prayer:

“OK, God, I get it.  I see that the things I do that are harmful to myself and to others are the end result of the way I think.  Just like my computer, only what I put in is what comes out…. So help me guard what I feed my mind.  Help me think like you… so then I can act like you… and people will see your face reflected in me.  Amen”