Day 35 Jesus on Getting Even Matt 5: 38-42; Luke 6:29-30

Jesus keeps taking the “letter of the law” and putting the “spirit to the law”..

Guided reflections:

  1. Does this scripture mean that if we follow Jesus, people can do anything they want to us, and we will not be able to be Christ like if we “get ‘em back”?
  2. Could it mean that what another does has nothing to do with you – it is their own issue, and if you respond on their level it now becomes our issue?  How do you live out this passage?

Guided Prayer:

“Lord, I am so tied to what others say and do that I feel a need to react and set them straight.  I know it is up to you to judge, but it is hard to not take things personally!  Continue to teach me your ways of peace and love.  Amen”