Day 43 Jesus on serving two masters Matthew 6: 24; Luke 16:13

Guided reflection:

What a powerful verse!   When Jesus is talking about two masters, he is not talking about two priorities or two goals, but two different things that control you… drive you… have your loyalty.   “Mammon” can be defined as material world… the things of this world.   Jesus says you cannot serve God’s agenda and the material world’s agenda – they oppose each other!  You have to make a decision:  what is going to control you - God’s will or the things of this world?  Consider a time when you had to decide what was going to be more important.  How did you make that decision?

Guided Prayer:

“The prayer Jesus taught us to pray requires our heart to ask that your will be done in our lives like your will is done in heaven.  Loving Lord, show me where my loyalty to you is divided.   Forgive me and help me surrender my agenda into your hands.  Amen”