Luke 1: 39-45 Mary Visits Elizabeth

This is the only place this part of the story is told.  The connection of Elizabeth’s child and the child of Mary is made clear. 

Guided reflections:

  1. What were the similarities of these two birth stories?
  2. Vs 43-44 show that even the unborn boys had some kind of connection.
  3. Have you ever had a “sense” that God was in some circumstance?  Maybe goosebumps or heart beating rapidly?  What was going on?

Guided prayer:

  “Oh God of goosebumps,  help me to be aware when my spirit is quickened to know that You are present or are at work in what is going on around me.  And for most of the time when there are no angels and not tickle bumps, may you still find me faithful.  Amen”