Day 24 Jesus Departs from Capernaum Mark 1:35-38; Luke 4:42-43

We begin to see the rhythm and pattern of Jesus’ life and teaching:  Luke does not include this circumstance. 

Guided reflections:

  1. After a big evening of healing and success, Jesus gets up early in the morning and gets alone to pray… a lonely place, away from the distractions of the day.  How do you begin your morning – especially after a successful day before?
  2. If I had been in that town, I would not have wanted Jesus to leave – what if I got sick again?  But Jesus said he had to go to other towns… he states his mission as bigger than just a one night event.  Mark reads that Jesus said “This is why I came out”.   Jesus came out in the open to begin his earthly ministry to preach the good news.  Jesus is clear about his purpose.  What is your purpose in life?   Why were you sent here?

Guided Prayer:

“Loving God, teach me to live in the rhythm of Jesus – helping others, getting alone to pray and regroup, and then go and do what I am called to do.  Help me to know what my purpose is.  At this moment, I let go of the distractions of life and just concentrate and bask in your love.  Allow me to live my day out of that center.  Amen”