Matthew 1: 1-17 Jesus’ Genealogy (also seen in Luke 3:23-38)

This seems like a boring list of names – the lineage of Jesus.  But it was important for the Jews.  The Messiah was to come from the Lineage of David… so you will see three distinct groupings of 14 generations each.  Note, there are women in that list.

Find the name Tamar – she became a mother through rape, yet a part of Jesus’ past! Or Ruth – she was not even a Jew – you will recall she was a foreigner and Boaz’s second marriage… yet listed in Jesus’ lineage. 

Guided reflections:

1.  Does your “lineage” have some scandalous characters?   Do you have some heroes in your family?

2.  What story do you want to be told of you in future generations?

3.  Have you had grandparents who prayed for you?   Are you praying for your future generations?

4.  Action step – maybe you could contact a relative and ask them about their faith story.

Guided prayer:

“Loving God, I thank you for those in my past who have prepared me to be where I am today – the good, the bad and the ugly!   Help me to be writing a story that is one of faithfulness to you.   Allow me to be a guiding light to future generations.  Amen”