Week of July 7th

I am grateful to live in this land with so much privilege and opportunity.  And I am grateful for those who have gone before me who have given themselves in service and sacrifice so I can enjoy these blessings. But there is One to whom all of us are called for a higher allegiance.  It is God who has given us life, and redeemed us from the meaninglessness of sin and death.  So we worship not our country nor our flag, but the God who stands over all space and time. So what is the relationship between the Christian and nation?  Here are several passages to teach us.

PRAYER:  O God, you are the true source of freedom and liberty.  Focus my heart on the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross so I may be a defender of truth and grace in Jesus’ name.  Amen.   

MONDAY- Psalm 2

We like to pretend we are the masters of our own destiny, and we do have many freedoms that other lands do not allow.   What does the Psalm writer teach us about who really is in charge?  What is the source of wisdom?  And what are the results of rebellion?  Israel learned this the hard way.  If God allowed Israel – God’s chosen people – to be conquered because they rejected God; why would USA be immune?

TUESDAY- Deuteronomy 17:14-20

Israel had just escaped from slavery in Egypt.They knew little of leadership and government.Moses is teaching them how they should govern themselves as they enter the Land of Promise.What does this passage reveal about true faithful leadership?What should the leader avoid?On what should the leader focus?How does that impact the way you lead?

Wednesday – Psalm 21:1-7

This Psalm is credited to King David.  He knew something about humble beginnings as a shepherd and the power of privilege. Yet, this song reveals the “secret sauce” of faithful leadership.  What is it? Does this apply to us “commoners” as well as Kings and Queens?  How does this shape your leadership?

Thursday – Romans 13:1-7

When I get to heaven, I want to ask Paul about this part of his letter.  He teaches us to submit to authority.  Why?  Yet, the Roman government authority later persecuted the church and martyred Paul among several others.  At the same time, Paul never teaches that I should embrace my own authority.  I am to submit to Christ’s authority first and always. I am never directed to “do as I please.” Under whose authority will you function today?

Friday – Luke 22:24-30

It was the night before Jesus’ own death.  Perhaps it was the seating arrangements.  Maybe it was just the tension and uncertainty of the week, but the disciples are arguing about who is the greatest.  Jesus teaches them that true greatness does not come through position and power, but how? How did Jesus demonstrate this? (Check out John 13.)  How would leadership like this change our world today? How would your leadership like this change your world?

Saturday – 1 Timothy 2:1-7

We have many leaders in our world today:  government officials, safety service personnel, teachers, medical experts, business gurus, and more.  Paul is teaching young Timothy (and we readers) to do what for the leaders in our world.  What is our responsibility to them?  Why does God expect this?  What has God done to reveal this to us?