Week of Apr 7

Week 5:  Time, Parables, Plots, Anointing, Last Supper

Sunday- Psalm 130

Because of Jesus, the Messiah, we can have hope and we can experience the Lord’s “steadfast love and plentiful redemption”. Christmas reminds us that the promised Deliverer of Israel is the “Deliver” of today.  Easter reminds us that our sins have been forgiven.  Have you accepted and opened the free gift of forgiveness from sin that is only found in Jesus, the Messiah? Take a fresh look at the amazing mercy the God has given you and share that hope with others.

Monday- Matthew 24, focused on 24:1-14

Whoa!  Jesus got “really dark” in this chapter.  We prefer to hear Jesus talk about love and hope, but he also recognized and shared that following HIM was not without difficulty.  Nobody promised that being a Christian would lead to a life without concern or difficulty.  How far are you willing to trust in Jesus?  When the going gets tough, are you spiritually prepared to walk with Jesus? 

Tuesday- Matthew 24, focused on 24:45-51

“When will He return?” is often a question that the church has struggled with. Jesus is mindful to share that we need to be on the watch, yet we need the heart of a God follower before that day.We need to be prepared to live a “When will He return?” is often a question that the church has struggled with. Jesus is mindful to share that we need to be on the watch, yet we need the heart of a God follower before that day.  We need to be prepared to live a clean and God honoring life and not living a wicked and selfish lifestyle.  How are you preparing yourself for a lifetime of following God?  

Wednesday- Matthew 25, focused on 25:14-30

Why Parables? The word parable comes the Greek word ‘parabole,’ which means “a placing beside” and therefore is a comparison or an illustration. The gospels of Matthew, Mark, and Luke contain about 30 of these stories while John’s gospel contains no parables but does use figures of speech. A parable is a story taken from real life (or real-life situation) from which a moral or spiritual truth is drawn. They are not fables (talking animals/walking trees). They are not allegories where every detail has hidden meaning. They are basically an earthly story with a heavenly meaning.

Thursday- Matthew 25, focused on 25:31-46

Whatever else this passage means, it plainly teaches that a day is coming when the Son of Man, pictured as a glorious Shepherd-King in this parable, will judge “the nations.” What do you believe about this? Do you believe that history is headed toward a climactic, inescapable, conclusive day of judgment? How much or little does this coming judgment figure into the way you live from day to day? Are you at all concerned or apprehensive about this day of judgment? Why or why not?

Friday- Matthew 26:1-13

In this chapter, the focus is not on the teachings of Jesus; rather, the focus shifts to preparations for Jesus’ arrest and death:  Jesus speaks again to the disciples of what is going to happen (vss. 1-2); the rulers begin to plot how to arrest Jesus (vss. 3-5); a woman anoints Jesus in preparation for His sufferings and death (vss. 6-13).  Things come to a head, as events align toward the most significant event in human history.Could you imagine sitting at Jesus’ feet and hearing these words?Would you be in denial too?

Saturday- Psalm 46  

1 God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble.2 Therefore we will not fear, though the earth give way and the mountains fall into the heart of the sea, 3 though its waters roar and foam and the mountains quake with their surging.Take courage in God’s word. He will be with you and keep you always. Do you believe this?