Week of Jan 27

Do you believe in the Bible?  What do you believe about the Bible?  What we believe shapes how we behave, and what we believe about the Bible shapes significantly how we choose to live our lives.  Here are some passages about God’s Holy word and how scripture continues to remain helpful and provide spiritual guidance within our 21 century lives.

A Prayer Before Reading Scripture

Open my eyes, gracious Lord, as I turn to your word.
I long to know you, to understand life, and to be changed.
Examine me, Lord, by the floodlight of your truth.  Amen.

A Prayer After Reading Scripture

May the word I have read, Lord, be planted deeply in my mind and heart.
Help me not to walk away and forget it, but to meditate on it and obey it
and so built my life on the rock of your truth.  Amen.


(Both prayers are taken from the 95 prayers in Prayers for Our Lives.)



Monday – 2 Timothy 3:10-17  Specifically v 16

How are the scriptures God breathed?  Scriptures have the breath of God in them; they give life.  The Scriptures are unlike ordinary books; they are God’s authoritative Word.  God initiated the Bible and inspired its writers.  He safeguarded it from error and guided its complication.  The Bible we have is precisely the Word God wants us to have. 

Tuesday-  Romans 15:1-6  Specifically v 4    

Should we read the Old Testament as through it was written for us?  There is a difference between something that was written for us and something written to teach us.  The Old Testament was originally written for Israel as a record of her history, laws and worship.  It was also written to record God’s prophetic commentary on Israel’s present and future.  But as the spiritual children of Abraham, we can profit immeasurably from the spiritual lessons found in the OT today.

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Wednesday- Hebrews 4:12-14

What does God’s sharp word have to do with rest?  God’s word is more than letters on a page; it is alive with God’s Spirit and power.  This word of promise judges what’s in a person’s heart:  whether a person is resting in God’s grace for salvation or whether a person is resting in a false security based on obeying religious laws and doing good works. 

Thursday- Matthew 22:23-33

How many times have you heard someone “misuse” God’s written work for their personal agenda?  …or simply misunderstood?  It might give you pause, because nobody wants to misrepresent God’s word or meaning.  Do you think God’s people tend to refrain from using God’s word in fear of making mistakes?  Have you the courage to speak God’s Words to those who desperately need encouragement and a savior?  Who might need a word of encouragement in your life?  Could you meet them?  Call them?  Email them?  Text them?

Friday- James 1:23-25

We all do it.  Right?  We read something important and quickly forgot the value of what we’ve read.  How might we continue to meditate and make God’s word stick in our life?  Are there people in your life who you share scripture with?  If yes… you’re surely blessed to have those people.  If not… who might you begin sharing God’s word with, and grow in His understanding? 

Saturday- 2 Peter 1:19-21 

How did God inspire the writing of the Bible?  The Greek word translated “carried along” suggests a picture of a boat driven by the wind; the same Greek word is translated “driven along” in Acts 27:15 & 17.  This does not mean God dictated the precise words to the writers as though they were stenographers.  Instead, each writer’s personality and literary style are evident.  We can say the writers were supernaturally influenced by God’s Spirit to convey His exact message to humanity.