Week of June 10

Sermon Series:  Dare to See Clearly

How did it all begin?  What was God’s intent when he started a relationship with His people?  What do you know about Abram/Abraham?  Are we still following God as He intended?  …in the Old Testament or New?  Let’s dig in together and seek for God to help clear our vision, to see what he intended our lives to be. 



Lord, you created each one of us in your image, unique reflections of your glory and love.  Help us to see the strengths you’ve given us.  Help us not to waste our time clamoring after what you’ve given someone else, but to see the gifts we already possess.  You state in your word that we are your masterpiece, created to do good works you planned for us.  You have plans to prosper us and not to harm us.  Thank you for loving us enough to create us uniquely and individually.  Thank you for caring about each intricate detail of our lives and letting us take part in the universal story you are weaving.  Your work is good and complete, lacking nothing.   In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

Monday –1 Timothy 6:15-16

We frequently desire to see the things that we’re not allowed or able to see.  However; we’re able to see plenty of God’s wonder in the blessings he gives us daily.  Do you ever struggle to see God when you can’t physically see Him?  How are you seeking to see God in your life?  Have you prayed for God to help you see him?  Today? 

Tuesday –Jeremiah 29:11-14,  A Letter to the Exiles

Clearly, God has plans for us.  Plans to see us grow and be blessed, yet we often forget those plans and put our eyes on other goals.  How do you continue to keep your eyes on God’s plans?  What can we do to keep this vision first? 

 Wednesday –Numbers 12:4-9, God Defends Moses

We’re not all going to have the same experience of Moses, but we can all have the experience of following God’s prophet.  We often resist God’s call because we have our own opinions.  How can we discern God’s voice?  What will help you follow God’s voice? 

Thursday –Psalm 5:1-6

God wants us to honor Him.  God wants and desires us to communicate with Him.  …and he requires us to be humble and void of arrogance.  If that is understood, why are we as a church struggling.  Fumbling?  How can we hear God’s voice first and loudest?

Friday – Habakkuk 2:2-6, The Lord Responds

There is great power in writing down our conversations with God.  We frequently forget “those moments” when we experience God in powerful ways.  These special moments are powerful and we’re called to share, yet if our memory fails us… are we honoring God?  No… we’re betraying him.  Seek to honor Him first! 

Saturday – 2 Corinthians 12:1-4, Paul’s Vision

Paul was truly on to something.  We should all speak the name of God to any and all people.  That’s worth reporting and re-reporting!  But… we’re a living reflection of God.  Not our own accomplishments and wins.  We’re called to win for Jesus.  Although this is NOT the plan of the “world” but… we’re called to be a part of the world, not allowing the world to divide us from God’s calling in our lives.  Let’s remain focused on the vision of God.  …and speak boldly.